About the process of creating your work of art

-Do I need to bake the clay I bought?

No, all of our Papaya Pottery clays do not require an oven, they are air-dried.

- My project is finished, should it stand where it is and dry? How should I remove it from where it is?

Picking up your project at least once will reduce the chance of cracking. You can easily lift it from where it is with any non-thick rope. While making your project, make sure that the base thickness of the project is not thin.

- Does air dry clay crack? How to avoid it?

Air Dry Clay hardens by air with losing it’s moisture. When clay losses its moisture it tends to crack more while shaping. You can use an airtight bag or container after you opened the original package. Putting a slightly moist wipe in the bag will also help. To protect our clay, we pack it in smaller packages. Still cracking of air-dried clay is a common occurrence. In order for your artwork to be more durable and not to crack, you should not do clay pieces too thin. Also keeping it in a cool and dry area would be helpful. To dry, do not place it in direct contact with sunlight. While you are trying to make a pot, never leave the container you use in it while the clay dries.

-What do i do if the clay cracks? How to fix broken air dry clay?

The most important thing to do when the cracks ocur is taking action right away.

  1. Create a slightly viscous (less water more clay) slip by mixing clay and water.

  2. Moisten the area where the crack is experienced with a slightly damp napkin.

  3. Apply the slip mixture you have created where the crack occurs.

   4.Add a piece of clay and fill the crack. Then smooth the surface with a brush or your finger.

-What is slip?

Slip is liquefied clay used for joining clay pieces together.


- How long should the clay wait?

Usually it dries after 24 hours. Very large and thick projects can take up to 72 hours to dry completely. After you've done your project, don't forget to check if there are cracks intermittently.


-When can i paint?

You can use the paint when the clay dries.


- How many coats of paint should i apply?

Papaya pottery paints are premium quality. It is enough to apply the paint in a single coat. If you are going to draw details with a different color on very dark colors and you want the details to be vividly colored, you can apply the second layer. You can easily clean the brush on which you apply the Papaya Pottery Paints with soap and water.


 -How soon does the varnish dry?

It dries quickly. It is sufficient to wait between 10 and 20 minutes.


- When can i varnish?

It is recommended to apply the varnish when the paints are completely dry.


- How many coats of varnish should I apply?

Papaya pottery varnish is premium quality water based extra gloss varnish. It is enough to apply the varnish one or two layers. You can easily clean the brush on which you apply the Papaya Pottery Varnish with soap and water.


- Can I mix ceramic paints together?

Yes. By mixing our quality Papaya Pottery paints with each other, you can reach the color you want and you will not experience any loss of quality. When you mix paints with unknown brands, we do not recommend this because the structure of the paints is different, you may experience a loss of quality.


About your artwork

- Can i drink or eat from my air dry clay artwork?

Unfortunately air dry clay is not food safe. You can still create mugs, bowls and plates for decorative purposes only.

-Where should I start my project?

You can watch the videos on our site and use the posts on our Instagram account to get inspired. If you want to inspire people by sharing your work of art with us (anonymously or not, however you wish), you can send us a photo by tagging us on the picture on Instagram or by e-mail.

Business inquiries

- Is it possible to do wholesale shopping and sell your product?

Yes, it is. Contact us for a price quote for purchases of 15 or more.

-Is it possible to customize the packages?

Yes, it is for purchases of 10 or more.

Zoom classes

-Do you provide zoom lessons?

We provide zoom lessons for purchases of 10 or more boxes.

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