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Team Building Workshops

Papaya Pottery offers to be a virtual icebreaker while being a beginner-friendly art experience.

Our virtual events are here to help you to create a comfortable atmosphere to form a team.

How it works ?

1.  Fill out the "Get a Quote" form with your information

and the approximate number of kit you want. You can

find the form at the bottom of this page.

2.  We will share with you a list of 2 different options.

There will be different price offers for the two different options on the list.

-delivering each of the kits individually

-delivering all of the boxes to a single address

3.  We will open a special listing for you. If you have selected the "send to more than one address" option, we will ask you to share an excel file with a list of addresses, e-mails and names.

4. We will add all the tracking numbers to this excel and send them back to you. We will track your shipments throughout the entire process to make sure everything goes well.

Get a Quote

Thanks for submitting !

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